In our weekly workshops, students learn to work with various embeded controllers like Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi’s. The workshops provide a guided tutorial through the basics plus access to a wide variety of equipment. Once the basics are mastered, you can work on our competitions and various micro projects. It is also a great place to come if you are interested in any of the major projects and want to learn more.

There are three competitions being run this year:

  1. Sumo
    • Build your own Arduino controlled robot and go head to head with other people and try to push them out of a simple ring.
  2. 3pi
    • Using our Pololu 3pi robots solve a variety of very simple mazes in the shortest possible time.
  3. Robot Soccer
    • Not yet finalized, but it is planned for second semester.
    • Program a Robot to push a plastic ball into the opponents net. Depending on how the other competitions go we will adjust the difficulty of this competition.

The micro projects are just projects that run directly under the workshops, saving you the difficulty of applying for funding yourself. These are typically small in nature with only a couple of people working on them. Current projects are:

  1. Spectrometer
    • Last year a team build a very basic spectrometer that uses an Arduino. The task this year will be to program it.
  2. Thermal Printer
    • A simple project to build a small thermal printer off of an Arduino
  3. Computer Cluster
    • Using either Rasberry pi’s or old computers we get from the department we are planning on building a small computer cluster.
    • This cluster will run various analytic software like Hadoop/Spark as well as KDB+
    • We were also planning making our website hosted on our own cluster.

If you have any projects of your own, come to the workshops and we can help you get started.

Arduino Workshop downloads is in the resources section of this website